What Is Insurance?

What is insurance?

In this article we are going to take a look on a very popular topic you have been hearing from several sources or people without really knowing what it is. Are you ready to know it? what is insurance?

It is in this article that you are going to know all it entails to have an insurance and it is also on this site that you are going to learn more about insurance. Are you all set up? What is insurance? Let’s get into it.

Perhaps you have been asking your counterparts who are into several things going on in their lives and without a proper answer they tell you they don’t know what is insurance . You have done your reaserch from several people without a more satisfying answer.

You wonder what the hell is really insurance and without wasting any much time let find out. what is insurance?

Insurance can be described as a means of protection from financial loss. It is normally a form of risk management used to hedge uncertain form of loss incase they happen.

The insurance service is always offered by any insurance company which you chose to help you hedge you loses incase they happens.

What is insurance
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Don’t forget that insurance is a contract represented by a policy where the victim of loss or the insured receive financial protection and incase the loss happens, one can receive reimbursement of funds for their loss.

The insured can be a person or property or entity. It is in this case that the insurers will only compensate the victim of loss.

What are the main types of insurance?

There are only four main types of insurances and these are mainly Life Insurance, health insurance, long-term disability insurance,and auto insurance.

Remember the work of the insurance is to safeguard you against any financial loss inform of any disaster that befell you. It can be death, sickness or accinesa or even disability.

Why is insurance so important?

It is clear that once you sign that contract with an insurer, you are ready to face any form of calamity without worries of any financial loss.

Insurance is important because it helps you face any type of life problems knowing that you are financially secured somewhere with an insurer.

Since you now know what insurance is, why can’t you sue that car or property or your life or health if you didn’t already insure them?


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