what is full coverage auto insurance

After knowing what insurance is all about, this random useful question pops into your mind. What is full coverage auto insurance?

You remain there wondering what it is actually only to find out you don’t have the useful answer you’re seeking.

In this article we are going to find out what perhaps might be your head aching question of a while. What is full coverage auto insurance anyway?

Full coverage auto insurance is a combination of liability, collision, and comprehensive policies which will cover all your losses that happens to your car or vehicle.

Remember, collision coverage will protect your car incase you are involved in a head on collision or just any other form of collision but of the vehicle.

That is the work of collision coverage and comprehensive policy coverage.

But that the term full coverage refers to two things, that is the collision coverage and comprehensive coverage.

Collision coverage is an instance let’s say you get involved in an accident with another car or have hitted a certain object.

This is where the Collision coverage will come through.

Whereas in the comprehensive insurance invloves coverage of your car when it gets involved in an accident but not that of where it has hitted something.

What is full coverage auto insurance
Cars involved in a head on collision
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Comprehensive coverage will cover your car when it gets an accident damage inform of fire, weather catastrophe or theft.

The difference between collision coverage and comprehensive insurance is that let’s take an instance of a tree.

Your car get an accident while driving and in the first instance is that the tree fell on your car and your car got damaged. This is where comprehensive will come through.

The second instance is that when you get drunk and drove off only to hit a tree or something, this is where collision insurance will find it’s way.

Hope you got what you’ve been searching for. The answer to your, ‘what is full coverage auto insurance’

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