What is Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance

In most countries, there is mandatory auto insurance for your personal car. Whether for you or your business, having an auto insurance is a must in most states.

You’re there wondering what the hell is auto insurance. When you think of this two things pops into your mind, auto which you might translate to automatic and insurance. You wonder if it is automatic insurance. No you’re wrong.

The insurance is not automatic insurance instead we can put it into the simple nature, automobile insurance. I mean car insurance.

But what is it really? It is a contract between you and your insurance company where you both sign a contract of which the company will insure your car for any damages that happens incase you get involved in an accident.

If you have the  insurance, incase or theft or accident, the insurance company will protect you from any financial loss that happened to your car.

This type of insurance will cover medical which will deal with injuries treatments or funeral coverages.

Auto insurance
Damaged car

Property which will cover your car incase of theft or accident and liability which will be your legal responsibility to others for bodily injury or property damages caused during the accident.

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