1 Trick On How To Remove Acne Overnight With Vaseline And Colgate

How to remove acne

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog in this article I’m going to show you how you can use Colgate toothpaste and Vaseline Petroleum jelly to remove acne and maintain a smooth glow skin.

A lot of people are really struggling with this issue of acne removal with some going to an extent of doing surgeries to avoid this.

But I believe this things like pinples are just normal things although, they can make one so uncomfortable most so when you’re with your friends out, or in school or in any public gathering.

Most people who has pimples or acne feels so insecure and this has made a number of people to remain indoors. But we understand they are not an illness it is just a body change in you.

May be because of the products you’ve been using to apply on your skin or the food you’ve been eating. But it’s quite embarrassive, right? Yeah I’ve experienced it. Everytime you have to pick on your face. Oh my.

So in this article I’m going to show you a very simple tip on how you can get rid of this notorious problems for a living being. Tired of them? Hmmm then continue reading.

All we need here is white Colgate and a Vaseline to work out. These ingredients I think are readily available at home and if you don’t have one. You can go and buy one. That is Vaseline and a Colgate. Ready? Let’s get into it.


1. Take a little bit of the white Colgate paste and put in a bowl.

2. Take a little bit of Vaseline Petroleum jelly and add into the bowl where you just placed Colgate paste.

3. Mix the ingredients very very well until they are all uniform.

4. You can now apply the mixture on your face, you can use your fingers it doesn’t matter. Before you do this note that if you have that kind of sensitive skin I prefer you give a taste on either your hand before applying it on your face to avoid any complications.

5. Leave it for 3-5 minutes then rinse of. But if you have sensitive as I said earlier I recommend you don’t keep the mask for long.

6. Apply any body relaxant oil and there you go.


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This tip is a good for me and it can be for you? Why? Any toothpaste has anti fungal and anti bacteria components while Vaseline on the other side properties which helps one remove wrinkles, it is also an anti aging body oil. It does not clog the pores of the skin unlike how other people rate it out here.

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So a combination of these amazing two properties will help fight black heads, acnes, pimples, aging marks and also helps lightens scars on your body. You can apply this tip twice a week for good results. If you liked this piece of article share with your friends. See you in next article.

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