Must Have Best Makeup Brushes And Their Uses

Best Makeup Brushes you should have

Ladies say hi! Gents say hello, in this article I’m going to show you list of best makeup brushes you should have and their uses.

In this list if you are makeup holic I’m going to show you the best ideal makeup brushes you should have.

1. Concealer Brush

This is that one type of brushes you will need when doing under your eyes.

2. The lash and brow brush

This is the tooth brush like brush which is two sided and with this, you can use it to brush your eye brows before applying makeup.

You can also use to straighten your lashes. It is one of the must have brushes you should never miss having.

3. Powder Brush.

This is that one brush ladies always use to apply the translucent powder on their faces. It spreads the powder all over the face evenly.

4. Highlighter Brush or Fan Brush

This brush is used to apply highlighter powder on the cheek bones or nose.

5. Blending brush

This is the brush that you will use to blend eyeshadow and to remove all the harsh line.

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6. Contour Brush

This is the brush that you will use to apply dark contour shade around the cheekbone or jaw lines.

7. Bronzer Brush

This brush is used to apply powder around cheekbone or jawline

8. Blush Brush

This is the one you will use in applying color blush around the c-zone or on a cheek.

9. Stippling Brush

This is used in buffing or blending the foundation on the skin.

10. Foundation Brush

This is used to apply the foundation liquid or cream foundation spreading all over your face.

11. Lip Brush

This is used in helping to define the lips shape, filling the lips color evenly.

12. Eye Liner Brush

This is one of those brush used to create thin lines on or under the yes

13. Flat Eyeshadow Brush

This is used to apply cream or powder eyeshadow all over the eyelid easily

14. Bent Eyeliner

This is used in drawing lines on the eyes as shown below.

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