Top best life insurance companies

Wondering what are the best life insurance companies you can go to get some insurance policies with?

In this article we are going to list top best life insurance companies you will find amazing to get insured with. Here are the best life insurance companies

1. Protective

Protective as one of the best life insurance companies has very good financial strength as per rating, it has a guaranteed renewability of upto 90 years.

Protective has also its bad side and one of them is that, Protective has  competitive term life insurance rates and it also have got maximum ages for converting and guaranteed renewability are lower than some  competitors.

2. Prudential

Has four best types of life Insurance and it issues insurance policies to person over 18+ to 75 years. It has excellent ratings for financial strend since 1873.

The bad thing is that it doesn’t have any online quote for permanent life insurance coverage. The good thing is that with Prudential, multiple riders can be added to your policy.

3. State Farm

Here one can apply for life insurance online without getting medical examinations. Despite that don’t forget that it has good financial strength.

4. Securian Financial

Securian Financial has term life policies features which makes it suitable for insured people. The company has high maximum age for guaranteed renewability.

As one of the best life insurance companies, Securian Financial has the better ability to decrease coverage than other companies

Apart from that it has its bad sides,remember, some competitors have better term life insurance rates.

5. Transamerica

It is reliable, has good financial strength for life insurance apart from that it is affordable. Don’t forget that despite some good sides it also has some bad ones.

One must speak with an agent to get a quote for some products Transamerica products.

6. Northwestern Mutual

It’s policies tend to pay for generous dividends. Here one can also work with a financial advisor to help guide you on important things you should know.

Northwestern Mutual has these types of life insurance that is term life, whole life, and universal life insurance offered.

Don’t forget it also has it’s cons and for you to get a quote here, you must work with a financial advisor.

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7. New York Life

The New York Life company has excellent ratings when it comes to finance. It has a very long history that began in early in 1845
In this company you will get four main types of life insurance coverage are available.

Apart from having good sides remember it msuf have it’s bad sides too. New York Life insurance company has no online quotes apart from that for you to get coverage options you must speak with a financial advisor.

8. Mutual of Omaha

The good thing with Omaha is that, the company offers both term and whole life insurance policies with no medical exam if you qualify.

It has good financial strength ratings besides that, one can get a quote online and also can get some term or whole life insurance without any medical exams.


It is a life insurance company best for the military people. It only offers its services to military people and veterans.

USAA has excellent financial strength ratings, despite that one can add multiple ridders to their policy to bolster their benefits.

It here that you can also get quotes for life insurance online easily. Apart from that, one can purchase term coverage or permanent life insurance. It has life Insurance products are available to the public.

10. Pacific Life

Pacific life has the best solid policies despite that it has an excellent average price. One can also renew upto age 90 year old.

Apart from it’s goodness let’s take a look at its badness. Pacific life  rates are consistently the best across a range of ages and coverage levels, the conversion to permanent life insurance is only up to age 70 while  some competitors allow up to age 75.

Pacific life as one of the best life insurance companies  has a guaranteed renewability up to the age of 90 which is lower compared to those of other competitors which is always higher than that.

Those are our top list of best life insurance companies you will ever get in the United States.

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