best homeowners insurance companies

In this article we are going to take a look at the best homeowners insurance companies you can consider if you’re a homeowner.

Here is our list of best homeowners insurance companies to dive into:

1. State Farm

You can consider this insurance company if only you are looking for a company with industry-leading ratings and reviews.

State Farm has got an inexpensive coverage with numerous add-ons available with them. Despite that it has the best customer service experience.

2. Allstate

Allstate is the best one for first time home buyers and owners. If you are that guy who has very many home insurance questions then this is yours.

3. Travelers

4. Nationwide


USAA is a top insurance company only for the military people. It covers insurance only for the military, veterans and their families.

It has the best user satisfaction and the best rating from its customers across the states.

It always ranks high at top claims this making it one of the best homeowners insurance companies

Best homeowners insurance companies
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6. Farmers Insurance Group

This insurance group can be the best to be considered if you have a home worth over $100,000 and want to have a home insurance, this is the best.

Farmers Insurance Group has high coverage limits. It always insures the ones for farmers and their families.

7. Liberty Mutual

8. Chubb

9. Auto Owners Insurance

10. Progressive


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