Best Hair Loss Treatment At Home

Hair Loss Treatment At home

Everyday many people go though a moment of hair fall where you find that after completing that hair brushing, you get that you have lost massive hair in the process of combing. But what is the best hair fall treatment? We are getting to it.

100 hair fall a day is normal but when it exceeds that, we start becoming worried like crazy. If you lose more hair than normal you need to see a dermatologist for this hair fall issue so that the professionals could give you the best hair fall treatment.

There are cases where you experience aqute hair loss and there are cases you experience chronic hair loss which goes for months this could be due to hereditary in the background or several infections to the hair like thyroid disease.
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Once you know the cause of hair loss it will be easier for you to treat it. You are there wondering what you could do this at home to stop that massive hair loss.

Here are my tips on this

1. Look into your lifestyle.

Take lots of proteins in your food.
That could be meat, milk, liver, creams etc

2. Take lots of greeny vegetables.

Vegies contains irons and vitamins which are good for your hair growth since they increase blood flow.

3. Cut smoking and junk food and
Do lots of exercise

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